IFP has announced the ten projects selected for this year’s documentary lab that runs in New York from April 12 to 16.

The Labs are a free mentorship programme for debut projects budgeted under $500,000 that have not completed post-production.

The selected projects for the 2010 Documentary Lab and Lab Fellows are:

25 To Life (director-producer Michael L Brown, producer Yvonne Shirley); Damelo Todo (Give Me Everything)(writer-director Wu Ingrid Tsang, producer Felix Endara, editor Suzanne Mejean); Dear Mandela (director-producer-editor Dara Kell, editor Christopher Nizza); Fambul Tok (director-producer Sara Terry, editor Brian Singbiel); and Give Up Tomorrow (director-producer Michael Collins, producer Marty Syjuco, outreach director Sara Kiener).

The remaining five are: Our School (director-producer Mona Nicoara, director Miruna Coca-Cozma, editor Erin Casper); The Patron Saints (director-producer-editors Brian Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky); Puppet (director-producer-editor David Soll, executive producer Jared Ian Goldman, associate producer Andrew Schwartztol); A Rubberband Is An Unlikely Instrument (director-editor Matt Boyd, producer Jason Ross, editor Michael Carter); and Salmon Dreams (writer-director-editor Luke Griswold-Tergis, editor Maureen Gosling).