In the first deal of its kind between the companies, the untitled 3D film will consider mankind’s future on Earth and take viewers on a deep space journey in search of other habitable planets.

Walt Disney Studios and IMAX Corporation are teaming up with longtime IMAX film-maker Toni Myers and will produce in association with NASA. The partners have scheduled a tentative 2015 release.

“Disney has always been a leader in creating immersive fantasy worlds for audiences, but we know there’s no more immersive world than the real one,” said president of The Walt Disney Studios, Alan Bergman. “This is a bird’s-eye view of our incredible universe and our future in it, and we’re looking forward to diving in with the perfect collaborators, Toni Myers and IMAX.”

“We’re thrilled to collaborate on our first joint production with Disney,” said IMAX Entertainment chairman and president Greg Foster. “Toni Myers and her team have given us films that have been educating, delighting and astonishing IMAX audiences for many years, and we look forward to continuing the journey with this latest spectacle.”

Myers has made films for IMAX since 1971, Her most recent effort Hubble 3D [pictured] earned approximately $53m in IMAX theatres.

“The 1990 IMAX film Blue Planet was the first time we pointed the IMAX cameras from space back to Earth to reveal, on a grand scale, the changes being made to our planet by both natural and human forces,” said Myers. “It’s marvellous and important to have this new opportunity to show what has happened to our planet since then. The International Space Station is a unique and perfect platform from which to see how our home is evolving, and at the same time explore our exciting future in other worlds.”