The Los Angeles-based company founded by former PayPal executive Jack Selby and Scott Stone will serve as producer alongside Patrick Aiello and Industry Entertainment.

Andrew Pagana and Justin Thomas wrote the screenplay to the project, described by the parties as Reservoir Dogs meet the Old West.

Surrounded takes place on the most intense day in a young man’s life as he holds an outlaw captive as the criminal’s gang members close in.

Incognito’s Selby and Stone will produce with Aiello and Andrew Deane and Michael Botti of Industry Entertainment.

“Pagana and Thomas’ Surrounded deftly executes a highly charged and unforgiving coming-of-age tale under the most dangerous circumstances and the Western setting perfectly compounds the stakes,” said Aiello.

Incognito launched in 2012 and is currently in production on an adaptation of Freeheld to star Ellen Page. Ron Nyswaner adapted the screenplay from the 2007 Oscar-winning documentary short about a dying former detective’s battle to leave her pension benefits to her life partner.

Aiello recently produced with Industry the Richard Gere thriller The Double and served as executive producer the drama Leonie starring Emily Mortimer, which is due to open in theatres in the spring.

Industry Entertainment’s recent credits the Bruce Willis and Josh Duhamel drama Fire With Fire.