The Berlin-based company behind The Divide wants to explore UK co-productions and will share producing duties with Powder Keg Pictures in association with Mighty Village and Universal Music UK.

Kerrigan was the director behind the cult comedy Human Traffic and will direct Urban Hymn from Nick Moorcroft’s screenplay about a female offender with a great singing voice who is championed by a social worker.

The story takes place against the backdrop of the riots that swept across parts of the UK last summer. Principal photography is set to commence in and around Bristol and Cardiff on May 1.

Following a nationwide search an unknown singer-songwriter has been cast in the lead role and has also signed with Universal Music UK, who will release her debut album day-and-date with the film’s release. Casting is underway for remaining roles.

“Justin has a proven track record dealing with narratives that explore disenfranchised youth and has a distinct visual style that will elevate this project into a sophisticated film with wide commercial appeal,” producer Darryn Welch said.

“What attracted me to Urban Hymn is that as well as being a powerful commentary on what young people are experiencing growing up in the UK today, it’s also about filling the void of lost love, a universal theme that I’m really excited about exploring,” Kerrigan said.

The Divide is set to open in the US on Jan 13 through Anchor Bay. Instinctive produced Brotherhood and is in post-production on Eron Sheean’s suspense drama Errors Of The Human Body.