Tine Klint’s LevelK is working with Danish production company Ace & Ace on new environmental documentary Planet RE-think.

The film is about excessive consumption of natural resources and it presents ideas about how a sustainable economy is the only way out of the global financial crisis.

The film will premiere June 17 in Rio at the UN Earth Summit on Sustainable Development, Rio+20.

Planet RE-think is directed and produced by Eskil Hardt from Ace & Ace and backed by organisations such as the European Environment Agency and the UN Resource Panel.

LevelK will represent the film internationally.

Hardt said: “Hopefully our film will encourage the world to shift in a new direction, where the individual thinks more about the use of our resources. The way the world works today is simply not sustainable and over time it will cause even greater problems. However, the good news is, we can change this with relatively simple means and with a new mindset – welcome to Planet RE-think”.