Paranormal Activity’s Michael Perry wrote the script.

Marjane Satrapi, the director of Persepolis and Chicken With Plums, has revealed further details of her first US-backed project.

Speaking in Dinard, where she is on the festival jury, Satrapi explained her decision to direct The Voices, to be produced by Mandalay.

“Really, it is very scary, funny, crazy,” Satrapi commented of the film, which is about a psychopath who is convinced that his dog and cat are talking to him.

“He has a cat who tries to convince him to go and commit murders and a dog who tries to stop him committing these murders,” the director explained of the project which is scripted by Michael Perry (Paranormal Activity).

Shooting is due to begin next April in Babelsberg in Germany. Casting will be announced shortly.

Meanwhile, Satrapi has already completed another low budget feature, a road movie/screwball comedy called Las Jotas (The Gang Of The J’s.)

In the film, now completed, Satrapi herself plays a leading role. She is joined in the cast by Maria de Medeiros (who was also in Chicken With Plums and is on the Dinard jury alongside her.) This is a playful, “psychdelic” yarn about two badminton players meet a woman (played by Satrapi) who involves them in a complex plot with the Spanish mafia.

That film, represented by Urban Distribution, was shot over 12 days in Spain. It is expected to premiere at a festival shortly.