The New York City Mayor was at Brooklyn Navy Yard with the city’s media and entertainment commissioner Katherine Oliver today for the ceremony, which brings an extra 45,000 sq ft of film set in addition to the venue’s existing facilities.

Mayor Bloomberg announced new grants for training programmes, a new entertainment component to the city’s mini-MBA partnership with NYU’s Stern School Of Business and invited proposals for a Made In NY Media Center.

“A little over a decade ago, New York City struggled to attract the lucrative production industry to film here,” Bloomberg said. “Now the City is such a popular and prosperous home to hundreds of films and television shows, we have to work hard to keep up with the demand for stages and production facilities.

“These new soundstages at Steiner Studios will create jobs, and expanding our workforce development programs with new grants will help the next generation of production professionals start their careers on the right track.”

“More production in the city translates directly to more New Yorkers working at well-paid jobs behind the scenes and more money spent in the local economy,” Oliver said. “Doug Steiner and his team understand that, and they’ve been committed to expanding Steiner Studios into what it is today – a hallmark of the City’s production industry. This expansion helps lead the way for new employment opportunities in this thriving sector, and having a diverse well-trained workforce is an important goal for New York City.”