Media Rights Capital (MRC) and M Night Shyamalan have announced the second of the three-film The NightChronicles series ahead of Friday’s release of Devil through Universal.

Daniel Stamm, riding high on the recent release of The Last Exorcism, will direct the supernatural thriller Reincarnate, previously known as Twelve Strangers.

MRC and Shyamalan are producing from a screenplay by red-hot Buried screenwriter Chris Sparling and Paul Grellong.

Production is set to commence in 2011 on Reincarnate, which tells of a jury at a murder trial haunted by supernatural forces that hold the key to the case in Reincarnate.

“Daniel has a preternatural control of tone,” Shyamalan said. “He is an actor’s director. He’s a storyteller who understands character as much as fear.”

The Night Chronicles is a financing and production company in partnership with MRC and Shyamalan with the goal of producing one film a year over three years. Each film is based solely on original stories created by Shyamalan, who oversees all elements of development and production.

The Night Chronicles president of production Ashwin Rajan identifies talent and selects writers and directors for each project.