Paradox Entertainment and Double Barrel Motion Labs are producing Conan: The Savage Tales, a prequel to the upcoming Conan film that will take the form of a motion comic.

The feature-length project will combine elements of print comics with animation and serve as a foundation for the upcoming Millennium Films production of Conan.

Paradox Entertainment’s president and CEO Fredrik Malmberg and vice-president of business development Gudrun Giddings are producing alongside Double Barrel Motion Labs’s Andy Collen, Jeff Krelitz and Diana Williams. The producers are eyeing a 2011 release.

“At Paradox, we are always looking for ways to showcase our portfolio of classic characters,” Malmberg said. “We are thrilled to be working with Double Barrel, who is at the forefront of this emerging format.”

“I grew up reading the novels of [Conan creator] Robert E Howard, and ever since my brother passed down his dog-eared copy of The Savage Sword Of Conan comic book to me I have been intrigued by Conan and the vast world in which he inhabits,” Double Barrel’s Jeff Krelitz added. “Continuing in a long line of strong brand partnerships, DBML is proud to partner with Paradox in producing this Conan project.”

Jason Momoa will star as Conan in the Millennium Films project, which also stars Stephen Lang, Rose McGowan, Rachel Nichols and Ron Perlman. Marcus Nispel is directing and Lionsgate will release in the US in 2011.