EXCLUSIVE: Toronto-based Raven Banner Entertainment is to adapt Clive Barker’s short story Jacqueline Ess: Her Will And Testament.

The story originally appeared in Barker’s anthology novel The Books Of Blood and tells of a beautiful seductress with the ability to change people’s body shapes with her mind.

Raven Banner will produce with Barker’s Seraphim Films on board as executive producer. The feature production is scheduled to commence in the autumn.

Partners Michael Paszt, James Fler and Andrew Hunt brokered the deal with Noor Ahmed of Reder & Feig on behalf of Seraphim.

“All of us at Raven Banner have been huge fans of Clive’s for years and I personally have always loved the story of Jacqueline Ess,” said managing partner Hunt. “It has all the qualities one wants in a modern horror film, so I’m excited to see it finally being brought to life on film.”

“We love what Raven Banner is doing for horror,” said Seraphim vp Mark Miller. “We are excited to be collaborating with them.”