The companies will jointly develop, finance and produce a feature adaptation of Alice Ozma’s memoirs.

Doug Atchison of Akeelah And The Bee fame will adapt the screenplay of The Reading Promise, about a single father and librarian who reads aloud to his daughter every night until she leaves for college.

“At its core, The Reading Promise is a heartfelt, imaginative story that celebrates family and love of reading, and as such, celebrates the core tenants of a Walden Media film,” said Walden Media COO Frank Smith. “Jim Brozina’s dedication to his family and the promise they made are nothing short of inspirational.”

Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh and Deborah Giarratana will produce alongside Walden Media. Relativity president Tucker Tooley will serve as executive producer.

Walden Media’s vp of development and production, Naia Cucukov, who was an actual student of Brozina’s in their town of Millville, New Jersey, brought the project to Walden and will oversee on behalf of the company.

Robbie Brenner and Josh Reinhold are overseeing for Relativity.