Reliance MediaWorks Ltd has expanded its global 3D capabilities by offering integrated 3D services to the film services community.

Reliance MediaWorks Burbank (formerly known as Lowry Digital) has taken its proprietary image processing technologies to create tools for various 3D project requirements, which the company claims alleviates eye strain for viewers.

The company now offers integrated 3D services for any type of 3D alignment issues, image and detail enhancements, grain and noise management and on-set consulting, in addition to the existing services for stereoscopic 3D conversion, DI grading for 3D, creation and handling of 3D DCPs and 3D camera services

Reliance MediaWorks Burbank facility has performed image and detail enhancements and alignments for the 3D versions of Avatar, Journey To The Center Of The Earth, U2, X Games 3D: The Movie and Step Up, among others.

It is also in discussions with leading 3D Solution providers in Hollywood to offer end-to-end integrated 3D solutions.