EXCLUSIVE: Eva Sorhaug, Sharon Horgan and Pratibha Parmar to direct for new UK production outfit.

Fledgling London-based production company Salon Pictures has announced three new female directors for its projects. Salon founders Nick Taussig and Paul Van Carter will produce all three films.

Norwegian director Eva Sørhaug (90 Minutes) will adapt the script and direct Lenny, a biopic of bareknuckle fighter Lenny McLean. Originally set up by Taussig and Van Carter at Revolver, Salon has now acquired the underlying book rights.

Actor/writer/director Sharon Horgan, known for UK TV shows like Pulling, is attached to direct feature Meet Me in Ten Years, written by Student Oscar-winner Frances Poletti.

Finally, Pratibha Parmar will direct Intercourse, a theatrical documentary about the life and work of radical feminist writer and activist Andrea Dworkin. A number of actresses will portray Dworkin in the project. Parmar’s credits include Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth.