The co-production market element of the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax has announced the producers in an inaugural project exchange with Mexico’s Los Cabos International Film Festival and Brazil’s RioContentMarket.

As part of a two-year spotlight on Latin America, one Mexican producer with a feature in development and one Brazilian producer with a television project in development have been invited to participate at Strategic Partners 2014, set to run in Nova Scotia from September 11-14.

A Canadian feature in development will then be selected from this year’s Strategic Partners to participate at Los Cabos International Film Festival, which runs in Mexico from November 11-14.

Similarly, a Canadian television project in development looking for Brazilian co-production partners will be chosen to attend RioContentMarket in February 2015.

The programme is sponsored by the Canadian Media Production Association.

April Shannon, a producer and co-founder of the Mexican production company Agrupación Caramelo Cinematografica, has been selected to participate in this year’s Strategic Partners from Los Cabos International Film Festival.

Shannon will bring the dark thriller Franco’s Night to Strategic Partners with production slated for 2015 in Mexico.

Shannon has worked as a producer on Bernardo Arellano’s Between Night And Day as well as production manager on James Franco’s The Broken Tower. She recently produced Arellano’s second feature The Beginning Of Time, currently in post and earmarked for release late this year.

Brazilian producer Marcelo Galvão has been selected from RioContentMarket’s 2014 alumni. Galvão established the production company Gatacine in 2001 and has directed six features including Farewell, La Rina and Bellini And The Devil.

He will bring the television miniseries The Gardener to this year’s Strategic Partners market.

“Ushering in the very first project exchange with producers April Shannon and Marcelo Galvão sets the bar incredibly high and truly complements the illustrious roster of delegates we will have at this year’s event,” said Strategic Partners director Laura Mackenzie.

“The results couldn’t have been more ideal and I look forward to continuing our newly founded relationships with Los Cabos International Film Festival and RioContentMarket.”

Among the producers and 108 projects slated for Strategic Partners 2014 are: the rom-com Give Me Your Hand (Spain); drama Las Elegidas (Mexico); and action project A Prayer Before Dawn (UK).

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