Bombay Sapphire surveyed more than 700 experts.

Seventy percent of surveyed film experts says they believe audiences want to see more imaginative films; and 83% of those surveyed say that film studios “play it safe” in terms of producing more imaginative films.

57% of respondents said audiences are now viewing more independent films and short content works, thanks to the growth of on-demand viewing.

The survey was conducted by Bombay Sapphire gin, and reached out to more than 700 members of the international film community.

Bombay Sapphire Global Marketing Manager Magali Podesta: “The Bombay Sapphire team commissioned this research to continue the discussion around imagination within the film industry and highlight some of the challenges budding film-makers are facing. We believe imagination is at the heart of all great film-making and simply makes the world a more exciting, better place, so we are committed to sparking people’s imagination through our short film competition [which will be launching its second edition in April 2013.]”