Amy Hobby and Anne Hubbell will work wiht Summer Shelton to produce Keep The Change.

Tangerine Entertainment’s Amy Hobby and Anne Hubbell are joining with Summer Shelton to produce writer/director Rachel Israel’s autistic love story, Keep The Change

Israel builds on her Columbia thesis short film of the same name for her feature directorial debut. Newcomers Brandon Polansky and Samantha Elisofon (pictured) play the lead roles.

The story follows an upper-class charming man who is a high-functioning austistic man who falls in love with a sheltered young autistic woman he meets at a support group.

“I want to portray these magnificent characters in all of their flawed humanity, not a sanitized version of people with disabilities.  Identity, classism and sexual prejudices are important and truthful issues we explore in this world,” said Israel.  “I am thrilled to have a passionate producing team that shares that vision.”

Hubbell added, “We were already fans of Summer’s work. When she introduced us to Rachel, we saw how deftly and honestly she directed autistic actors to create a universal, emotional experience. We signed on immediately”.

“It is exactly the kind of unique storytelling Tangerine seeks to support,” added hobby Hobby.

The producers plan to finance Keep The Change via a combination of equity investment and tax-deductible donations through their partnership with Artists Public Domain. 

Tangerine, whose credits include Lucky Them, supports women directors.