Scandinavian production powerhouse Tre Vänner has acquired the film rights to Andreas Norman’s debut novel Into A Raging Blaze.

Bonnier Group Agency negotiated the deal.

The producer will be Tre Vanner’s Fredrik Wikstrom Nicastro [pictured], who previously produced the Easy Money (Snabba Cash) trilogy.

The story is set in the world of Sweden’s Foreign Ministry, the Security Service and international counter-terrorism efforts.

The story follows a young woman, Carina Dymek, who has a bright future as a diplomat, and is then given a classified report from a mysterious man about a new counter-terrorism agency; her superiors fire her because of the report and she has to find out more about the man to clear her name.

Meanwhile, a security service officer is investigating Carina’s case with Britain’s MI6 insistsing she is working for an Islamist network.

Author Norman works within the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Nicastro said: “Not since I read Easy Money in 2006 has a novel struck me as such an obvious adaptation into a truly awesome movie. Into A Raging Blaze will become a modern and internationally competitive political thriller as never before seen in Swedish filmmaking. In the spirit of The Fugitive, Michael Clayton and The Constant Gardener, but with two super-cool female characters in the lead.”

Norman added: “I immediately perceived Tre Vänner as the perfect match for this adaption. We share a common vision of this story as an up-to-date, dark and tense narrative of diplomats and intelligence services, a theme more relevant now than ever before.

“It’s utterly important to me that book is adapted by someone really mastering the art of taking the audience’s breath away. With this in mind, I’m delighted that it was Tre Vänner. I want to see this movie right now.”

The novel will be published in the UK and US in 2014 by Quercus Books, and in Norway by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag.

Jon Riley, editor-in-chief at Quercus Books, said: “Quercus is thrilled to be publishing this groundbreaking spy thriller as Into A Raging Blaze in the UK and the USA with Quercus Inc.

“As the first novel to anticipate the surveillance scandal of the Snowden affair that has rocked government and public reaction across America and Europe, we are expecting a highly charged publication and press attention. Andreas Norman has written an important and intelligent thriller that penetrates the zeitgeist in a way that is both shocking and entertaining.

“We are publishing in the UK in April 2014 in hardback and ebook and will follow up in the USA later in the year.”

Tre Vanner is now part of Svensk Fimindustri, which is also part of the Bonnier Group.