Trudie Styler’s Xingu partners with Conquering Lion Pictures and Jamaican producer Justine Henzell.

Jamaican reggae classic The Harder They Comeis set for a remake.

Trudie Styler’s Xingu Films and Damon D’Oliveira and Clement Virgo’s Toronto-based Conquering Lion Pictures have joined forces with Jamaican producer Justine Henzell (daughter of the late Perry Henzell, director of the original) to reboot the classic 1972 film.

The producers are promising a film that will stick close to the spirit of Henzell’s original, which starred Jimmy Cliff as a reggae singer dragged into a world of crime

“Over the years many people have approached us with remake ideas, but for the first time I am confident we have a team that will simultaneously honour the original while creating a new narrative worthy of the legacy,” Justine Henzell commented.

Trudie Styler said: “The Harder They Come is an iconic film with millions of fans around the world who will be watching what we’re doing very carefully. We want to keep what made the original so special, its freshness, humour, anger at social injustice, and love of Jamaican music and culture, but updated to reflect the Jamaican experience in 2011, including here in the UK. And of course we’ll be putting together an exceptional soundtrack that will help introduce a modern exciting style of Jamaican music to the world.” 

The re-imagining is being written by Chris Salewicz who has spent extensive time living in Jamaica where he co-wrote Third World Cop, the most financially successful film ever in the Caribbean, as well as the acclaimed books Songs of Freedom, the authorised biography of Bob Marley, and Rude Boy: Once Upon a Time in Jamaica.

The Harder They Come is being put together as a UK/Canadian/Jamaican production. It is likely to use the UK-Jamaica Co-Production Agreement. 

Shooting is targeted for early 2012. Along with Jamaican producer Justine Henzell, Trudie Styler and Alex Francis will be producing for the UK’s Xingu Films, and Damon D’Oliveira and Clement Virgo for Toronto-based Conquering Lion Pictures. A sales agent is expected to be announced shortly.