EXCLUSIVE: Hot on the heels of AFM sales for Generation Iron, New York-based The Vladar Company has lined up its slate for the coming year.

The French Executioner based on the CC Humphreys novel is one of two feature projects that co-founder Edwin Mejia has put on the fast track.

The story centres on a skilled swordsman brought to England to execute Anne Boleyn who vows to the condemned woman that he will bury her six-fingered hand at a sacred crossroads. Mark Huffam will produce.

Head Smash is an adaptation of Vlad Yudin’s graphic novel that takes place in a lawless future where a young warrior becomes a pawn in a crime lord’s game.

Generation Iron has grossed more than $780,000 in the US through The Vladar Company and follows three bodybuilding hopefuls as they bid for the tile of Mr Olympia.

KSM Film will release in Germany, Madman in Australia and New Zealand, Probiotica in Brazil. Vladar’s Mejia is in talks with other key territories.