Voltage Pictures has picked up life story rights to Blackwater founder Erik Prince, his book Civilian Warriors and Adam Ciralsky’s Vanity Fair article about him.

Craig Flores and Nicolas Chartier will produce for Voltage Films, which is also financing the project, with Ciralsky himself on board as producer.

The untitled project will chronicle the former Navy SEAL’s life story and the rise and fall of his secretive paramilitary company.

“I’ve wanted to do this film for a long time,” said Chartier (pictured). “Having spent considerable time with Erik, I can easily say he is the most fascinating man I’ve ever met and there is a great movie in his life. Lawrence Of Arabia meets Jason Bourne meets Tony Stark. And I can’t wait to do justice to his story – so little of which is publicly known.”

“From The Hurt Locker to Dallas Buyers Club, I have been a fan of Voltage’s work,” added Prince. “I am thrilled that they will share with audiences how a team of ex-frogmen started a business in the swamps of North Carolina and – through innovation, efficiency and daring – took on some of the most challenging and contentious missions in the war on terror.