Two features planned for first year under the deal with Saw production company.

Paris-based Wild Bunch has signed an output and distribution deal with genre producer Twisted Pictures, the company behind the Saw films.

For the next three years, Wild Bunch will have world rights to movies produced by Twisted, which is part of Mark Burg’s management company Evolution Entertainment.

Twisted expects to produce two pictures (mostly low-budget films from emerging directors) in the first year under the deal, and one to two films each year thereafter.

Burg and Evolution’s President, Michael Menchel, will lead the development and production team at Twisted Pictures, with more execs to be added soon.

 “Twisted Pictures has managed to create genre pictures with compelling story lines and a quality approach that rises above the crowd,” said Wild Bunch CEO Vincent Grimond in a statement.  “We are thrilled to be in business with Mark and his team.”

“Wild Bunch has demonstrated time and again that it knows how to maximize the performance of cutting-edge films, including the type supernatural and shocking thrillers we intend to produce,” said Burg [pictured]. “From ‘Sin City’ to ‘Paranormal Activity’ to ‘Insidious”, Wild Bunch’s range of movie picks has been on the leading edge of what young audiences are craving. We are very excited about Wild Bunch’s committed support to our new partnership”.

Continental Entertainment Capital structred the deal.