One of the surprises about the line-up of projects in the 24th CineMart (January 28-February) is the number of high-profile directors - Stephan Elliott and Kim Ki-duk, for example - scattered among the more traditional CineMart arthouse fare. Therefore budgets overall look higher, capped by Elliott's Black Oasis at $7m (EUR5.5m), although CineMart co-heads Bianca Taal and Marit van den Elshout insist the level will never rise above their $7.8m (EUR6m) cap. With 800-850 industry attendees expected, CineMart "is still a really good place to get some pre-sales and find a sales agent", says van den Elshout of the bigger name attendees, "while we try to remember what Rotterdam stands for as a festival and support the more difficult (projects)."

30 Something (Rom)
Director: Radu Muntean
Production company: Multi Media Est
Budget: EUR760,000
Financing in place: EUR90,000
Alone (Huacho) (Chile-Fr-Ger)
Director: Alejandro Almendras
Production companies: FernandezFilm, Charivari Film, Pandora Film Produktion, Jirafa Films
Budget: EUR571,729
Financing in place: EUR344,000
Barefoot On Slugs (Les Pieds Nus Sur Les Limaces) (Fr)
Dir: Fabienne Berthaud
Production company: Agat Films & Cie
Budget: EUR2.9m
Black Oasis (US)
Director: Stephan Elliott
Production company: Hit & Run Productions
Sales: Fortissimo Films
Budget: EUR5.5m
Financing in place: EUR2.585m
The Boy (S Kor)
Director: Kim Jong-kwan
Production company: MK Pictures
Budget: EUR1.834m
Financing in place: 75%
Breath (S Kor)
Director: Kim Ki-duk
Prod co: Kim Ki-duk Film
Sales: Cineclick Asia
Budget: EUR820,000
Financing in place: EUR400,000
Cassiopeia (US-Fr)
Director: Brent Stewart
Production companies: O'Salvation Cine & Love Streams Agnes B. Productions
Budget: EUR786,708
La Chinoise (Chi-UK)
Director: Xiaolu Guo
Production company: Tigerlily Films
Sales: Celluloid Dreams
Budget: EUR1m
Financing in place: EUR70,000
Country Teacher (Czech-Ger-Fr)
Director: Bohdan Slama
Production company: Negativ Film Productions
Budget: EUR1.7m
Deception (Tromperie) (Fr)
Director: Arnaud Desplechin
Production company: Everybody on Deck
Budget: EUR4.2m
Financing in place: EUR94,000
Dog Security (La Seguridad De Los Perros) (Arg)
Director: Jorge Gaggero
Prod cos: Aquafilms, Libido Cine
Budget: EUR787,000
Financing in place: EUR215,000
FilmeFobia (Bra-Ger)
Director: Kiko Goifman
Production companies: Paleo TV, Plateau Procucoes, Cachoeira Films, Mil Colores Media
Budget: EUR451,000
Financing in place: EUR134,000
Fragments Of Grace (Bel-Neth-Ger)
Directors: Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth
Production companies: Bo Films, Lemming Film, Ma.Ja.De Fiction
Budget: EUR1.8m
Financing in place: EUR50,000
The French Doors (NZ)
Director: Steve Robert Ayson
Production company: Lake David
Budget: EUR2.8m
El Futuro (Chile)
Director: Alicia Scherson
Production companies: MC Films, La Ventura
Budget: EUR700,000
Helena (Arg-Fr)
Director: Diego Martinez Vignatti
Production company: Tarantula
Budget: EUR1.85m
Financing in place: EUR405,000
The House Of My Fathers (Neth)
Director: Ineke Smits
Production company: Volya Films
Budget: EUR3m
Financing in place: EUR110,000
I Cycled Into The Arctic Circle (UK)
Director: Matt Hulse
Production company: Tall Stories Ltd
Budget: EUR1.2m
Independencia (Philippines)
Director: Raya Martin
Production company: Cinematografica Independiente en Filipinas
Budget: EUR550,000
Financing in place: EUR100,000
The Invader (Bel)
Director: Nicolas Provost
Production company: Versus Production
Budget: EUR2.5m
Financing in place: EUR247,500
Involuntary (Swe)
Director: Ruben Ostlund
Production company: Plattform Produktion
Budget: EUR1.07m
Financing in place: EUR705,000
I Will Serve (Serviam) (Austria)
Director: Ruth Mader
Production company: Struggle Films
Sales: Films Distribution
Budget: EUR4.5m
Financing in place: EUR1.8m
Katia's Little Sister (Neth)
Director: Mijke de Jong
Production company: Keyman Film
Budget: EUR1.2m
Financing in place: EUR120,000
Lebanon (Israel/Ger)
Director: Samuel Maoz
Production companies: Paralite Productions, Ariel Films, Arsam International
Budget: EUR983,000
Financing in place: EUR469,000
The Light (Kyrgyzstan-Fr-Ger-Bel)
Director: Aktan Arym Kubat
Production companies: Oly Art, Asap Films, Pallas Films
Sales: The Match Factory
Budget: EUR1.1m
Financing in place: EUR220,000
Living Quietly (Malay-Fr)
Director: Tan Chui Mui
Production companies: Unlimited Films, Da Huang Pictures
Budget: EUR600,000
Financing in place: EUR45,000
Lost Persons Area (Bel-Neth)
Director: Caroline Strubbe
Production company: Minds Meet
Budget: EUR1.8m
Financing in place: EUR1.1m
Melisande (Neth)
Director: Pierre Audi
Production companies: IdtV Docs, Alma Films
Budget: EUR2.942m
Financing in place: EUR460,000
Misencounter (Desencuentro) (Arg)
Director: Pablo Trapero
Production company: Matanza Cine Srl
Budget: EUR1.2m
Financing in place: EUR600,000
Myself: Sometimes (Australia)
Director: Kieran Galvin
Production company: All At Once
Budget: EUR2.5m
The Next Skin (La Proxima Piel) (Sp)
Director: Isaki Lacuesta
Production company: Sagrera TV SA
Budget: EUR2.485m
Nice Girls Don't Stay For Breakfast (US)
Director: Bruce Weber
Production companies: Little Bear Films, Just Blue Films
Budget: EUR1.7m
Financing in place: EUR100,000
Now She Yells (Neth)
Director: Esther Rots
Production companies: Circe Films, Rots Filmwerk
Budget: EUR1.13m
Financing in place: EUR30,000
Out Of The Flames (UK)
Director: Thomas Clay
Production company: Pull Back Camera Ltd
Budget: EUR1.57m
Financing in place: EUR157,000
Pepperminta (Switz)
Director: Pipilotti Rist
Production company: Hugofilm Productions
Budget: EUR2.195m
Financing in place: EUR1.095m
A Rational Solution (Swe)
Director: Jorgen Bergmark
Production company: Hepp Film AB
Budget: EUR1.9m
Financing in place: EUR650,000
Reclusion Perpetua (Philippines)
Director: Lav Diaz
Production company/sales: Sine Olivia
Budget: EUR999,000
Reliable Responsible (US)
Director: Andrew Bujalski
Production company: Goodbye Cruel Releasing
Budget: EUR155,000
Financing in place: EUR77,500
Salamander (Arg-Fr)
Director: Pablo Aguero
Production companies: Rizoma Films, JBA Production
Budget: EUR947,000
Financing in place: EUR435,000
A Screaming Man Is Not A Dancing Bear (Un Homme Qui Crie N'est Pas Un Ours Qui Danse) (Fr-Chad)
Director: Mahamat-Saleh Haroun
Production companies: Pili Pili Films and Goi-Goi Productions
Budget: EUR1.624m
Financing in place: EUR250,000
Shanghai 20 (Neth-Chi)
Director: David Verbeek
Production companies: Motel Films, Les Petites Lumieres
Budget: EUR550,000
Financing in place: EUR325,000
StoryOfJen (Fr-Can)
Director: Francois Rotger
Production company: Les Films A Un Dollar
Budget: EUR2.4m
Financing in place: EUR510,000
Taro The Dumbass (Jap)
Director: Tatsushi Omori
Production company: Arato Film
Budget: EUR700,000
Financing in place: EUR280,000
This Earth Of Mankind (Indonesia)
Director: Garin Nugroho
Production companies: PT Elang Perkasa Film, PT Oro Oro Film Art, SET Film Workshop
Budget: EUR3m
A Thousand Houses Of Dream And Terror (Afghan-Fr)
Director: Atiq Rahimi
Prod co: CRM-114
Budget: EUR3m
Financing in place: EUR735,000.
Unmade Beds (UK)
Director: Alexis Dos Santos
Prod co: The Bureau Film Company
Budget: EUR1.664m
Financing in place: EUR652,000
The Unspoken (Bel)
Director: Fien Troch
Production company: Bvba Prime Time
Budget: EUR1.8m
Financing in place: EUR100,000
You, My Joy (Rus-Ger)
Director: Sergei Loznitsa
Prod cos: MA.JA.DE Filmproduktion, St Petersburg Documentary Film Studio
Budget: EUR1.5m
Financing in place: EUR530,500