Promark Entertainment Group,Jon Kramer's 15-year-old US and UK-based production and sales outfit, today(Jan 29) announced plans for three further instalments in its ClubhouseDetectives franchise that will beavailable for pre-sales at next month's AFM. Following on from the success of themost recent Clubhouse Detectivespictures, the company plans to begin production on the next film in March.Although the project is untitled it is understood it will retain the format ofearlier episodes, with the young sleuths falling into a series of adventures.

The Promark FamilyCollection will now include a total of seven Clubhouse Detective films. At Mipcom 2002, the company introduced threenew 90-minute Clubhouse Detectivesfilms, Scavenger Hunt, InSearch of A Lost Princess and BigTrouble. 'This film property hasalways been well received everywhere by young fans and parents,' Promarkpresident Kramer said in a statement. 'We are excited to go into production onthese new films, which promise to deliver new adventures for kids to enjoy.'