Jonathan Kramer's US and UK-based production and sales companyPromark Entertainment announced today (Feb 11) it has signed a co-productiondeal with US cable network The Sci-Fi Channel to make the action pictures Graveland and Ghost Monkey. Promark will be offering allinternational rights to pre-sale buyers at the AFM next week. Graveland, which is due to go into production inApril, centres on a group of humans in search of fresh energy supplies whobecome embroiled in a civil war on Mars. In Glass Monkey, which is slated for a May start date, ascientist and journalist team up to track down a simian-like serial killer thatremoves its victims' hearts.

"Our co-production agreement with The Sci-Fi Channel offers us anopportunity to create action films and thrillers that blend elements ofscience-fiction into their storylines," Kramer said in a statement. "We lookforward to pairing with Sci-Fi's talented executive and production teams tocreate unique and appealing films for viewers."

Promark has alsoformed a joint venture called Zenpix to acquire films with completion fundsneeds. While historically successful in the action picture genre with budgetsranging from $5m-$10m, the company has expanded its product line to includelight entertainment specials, sci-fi and family features.