Leading Korean exhibitor CJCGV has announced that its first mainland China multiplex will open in Shanghai on Oct 22.

With over 1,000 seats, themultiplex will comprise six screens, including one VIP screen with only 38seats and premium class service that includes food and beverages. CJ CGV saysthe theatre has been certified as a five-star cinema, according to Chineserating practices.

To commemorate CJ CGV'slaunch into China, the multiplex will hold a Korean film retrospective of 11films from the past decade including titles such as Memories Of Murder, Arahanand You Are My Sunshine.

Director of CJEntertainment's upcoming martial arts fantasy The Restless, Kim Sung-su, will be visiting the Shanghai CGV alongwith his stars Jung Woo-sung and Kim Tae-hee.

Other accompanying eventsgeared toward building on the Korean Wave brand include a traditional musicperformance, a Korean food festival and a hanbok (traditional Korean dress)fashion show.

The new cinema is in thedeluxe government-sponsored Daning Commercial and Cultural Centre encompassingleisure, shopping, accommodations and entertainment.

CJ CGV chief executiveofficer Park Dong-ho signed a deal with Shanghai Film Group president RenZhonglun this past February to establish a joint venture company forexhibition.

Park says: "CGV is going touse its unique advanced management know-how and service to benchmark a new kindof cinema, different from others in China."

He added that CJ CGV plansto open multiplexes in other cities in China including Beijing, as well as in the US. In February, CGV had also announced a Koreatowncinema in LA, set to open in June 2007.