Who's That Knocking At My Door' Dir: Yang Hea-hoon
Feature debut from the director of Cannes shorts competitor My Dear Rosetta, this film is 'a gem' that deals with violence and growing pains.

Hello, Stranger (world premiere) Dir: Kim Dong-hyun
A glimpse behind the veil of South Korean society, seen through the stories of escapees from North Korea.

Written (world premiere) Dir: Kim Byung-woo
A man learns he is just a character in an unfinished film.

Spare (world premiere) Dir: Lee Seong-han
Action film featuring Korean and Japanese actors.

Milky Way Liberation Front (world premiere) Dir: Yoon Seongho
Yoon's wit and experimentalism are alive and well in this film about love and politics set against the backdrop of the Pusan film festival.


Vogelfrei (Latvia, international premiere) Dirs: Anna Viduleja, Janis Putnins, Janis Kalejs, Gatis Smits
'An undervalued film' that introduces post-Laila Pakalnina Latvian cinema.

Duska (Netherlands/Ukraine) Dir: Jos Stelling
Stelling's unfailing sense of humour and passion about films and love 'stands out here'.

Chinese Cinema - Yesterday And Today (France, world premiere) Dir: Hubert Niogret
Significant for its interviews with China's third, fourth, fifth and sixth generation directors, producers and cinema historians.

4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days (Romania) Dir: Cristian Mungiu
'The best film from Cannes, and the best of 2007.'


Daughter Of Chorolque (Korea, world premiere) Dir: Park Mi-sun
Documentary on Bolivian widows and their daughters.

Battlefield Calling (Korea, world premiere) Dir: Kong Mi-yeun
Documentary about people who live in war-torn areas and the Korean soldiers who have been there, showing that nothing is unrelated.

Tear Drops (Korea) Dir: Mun Jeong-hyun
Korea's modern history is shown through a family's story captured with an objective eye in this documentary.

Fantastic Parasuicides (Korea, world premiere) Dir: Park Soo-young, Cho Chang-ho, Kim Sung-ho
Short-film omnibus by three promising young directors that details suicide attempts.


Wonderful Town (Thailand, world premiere) Dir: Aditya Assarat
Shows the human costs of a tsunami, seen through the story of a couple's love and parting.

Xiaolin Xiaoli (China, world premiere) Dir: Zhang Miaoyan
Deals with the darker side of modern Chinese society through the stories of manual labourer Xiaolin and prostitute Xiaoli.

God Man Dog (Taiwan, world premiere) Dir: Singing Chen
Debut film from female director Singing Chen, questioning the role and social implications of religion.

Crows - Episode O (Japan, world premiere) Dir: Takashi Miike
The director's inimitable take on leadership, friendship and violence in school.

Only Child, Upward, Downward, Forward, Backward, Rightward And Leftward (China, world premiere) Dir: Cui Zi'en
A pioneer of gay cinema in China, Cui Zi'en uses a visual fable to discuss physical instincts in a philosophical way.