Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP)has announced 36 projects for its ninth edition, to be held Oct 15-18 duringthe Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF).

Originally a co-productionmarket for Asian projects, the PPP is renewing itself under the inaugural umbrellaof the Asian Film Market with more commercially-oriented fare than in previousyears, along with the PPP's first non-Asian projects.

These include a project setagainst the Vietnam War from Hollywood director Jon Amiel (Entrapment), and one from Chilean-born Raúl Ruiz, winner of anHonorary Golden Bear at the Berlinale for his outstanding oeuvre.

The PPP also continues itstradition of picking established filmmakers as well as promising newcomers.Well-known directors from Asia include Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Aoyama Shinji and TsaiMing-Liang - whose project Faces isto be shot entirely in the Louvre Museum with Jean-Pierre Leaud, Maggie Cheung and Lee Kang-sheng.

New young independentfilmmakers include Yang Chao, whose Passages screened at Cannes 2004, andZhimin Sheng, who has worked with established directors such as Jia Zhangke andFruit Chan. Sheng's PPP project Lin ZhongLu has Pusan regular Fruit Chan attached as producer.

Pusan is also favouring other regulars such as Robin Lee,whose debut The Shoe Fairy screenedin the PIFF New Wave last year, and who is returning this year with My DNA Says I Love You as a PPP project.Mora Mi OK Stephens, a Korean-born American director who was at PIFF last yearwith Conventioneers, is returningwith 38th Parallel, a thrillerdealing with Korea's political situation and an American arms dealer's conspiracy.

In addition, producerTerrence Chang, well-known for John Woo films such as Face/Off, Mission: ImpossibleII and Paycheck, will be at PPP2006 as a producer on Blood Brothers.

The final 36 projects, eightmore than last year, were selected from 130 submissions.

The PPP has also selectedfour projects for NDIF (New Directors In Focus), asub-programme which aims to help debuting Korean directors. They will meet withpotential investors and producers throughout the Asian Film Market and willreceive funding for their productions through the LJ Awards and BarunsonAwards.

Full PPP line-up:

Australia / USA
The Red Earth - MEI Liselle

Afghanistan / France
A Thousand Houses Of Dream And Terror -Atiq RAHIMI

Crosscurent - YANG Chao
National Day - LI Hongqi
Out Of Control - ZHANG Yuan

China / France
The Back - LIU Bingjian

Miss Christina - Raúl RUIZ

France / Kazakhstan / Germany / Russia
Baksy - Guka OMAROVA

Hong Kong
Lin Zhong Lu - SHENG Zhimin
One Day OfIbrahim - PANG Ho-cheung

Hong Kong / USA
Blood Brothers - Alexi TAN

Jermal - Ravi BHARWANI

Answers ToLetters - Parviz SHAHBAZI
Two Footed Horse - Mohsen MAKHMALBAF

Dejà Vu Cities - FUNAHASHI Atsushi
Genius (Shindo) - HAGIUDA Koji
Sad Vacation - AOYAMA Shinji

Winter Lake - KIM Eun-sook
Fartman - JANG Joon-hwan
Cannibalism #1 - KIM Gok, KIM Seon
A Laugh From The Duck (working title)- KIM Jeong-nam
M (working title) - LEE Myung-se
Female Demon - RYOO Seung-wan

Korea / USA
The 38th Parallel - Mora Mi-Ok STEPHENS
Hong Kong Hero - LIM Abraham Lincoln

Of Ecstasy - WOOMing Jin

Fallen - Lillian WANG

Faces - Tsai Ming Liang
Resurrection - CHEN Leste

Taiwan / Hong Kong / China / Singapore
My DNA Says I Love You - LEE RobinYun-Chan


Pandora's Box - Yesim USTAOGLU

The Ballad Of JoLim - Richard JOBSON

105 Degrees AndRising - Jon AMIEL

Seed - LIM Maya

The First Rainy Day - NGUYEN Phan QuangBinh

NDIF Projects List:

Gold Rush- CHO Chang-yeol
Hyang - PARK Jung-Seon
The Epistle OfLife - SON Kwang-ju
Ring Wanderung - LEE Jong Hun