Mike Elliott, Rob Kerchnerand Joe Genier's fledgling international distributor Push Worldwide is movinginto production with the aim of releasing three to four features a year,kicking off with Richard Halpern's horror thriller Cold Cream.

Elliott and Genier willproduce the story, set to begin production in autumn 2006, about an overweightwoman whose body and mind begin to rot after she is lured into using a radicalbeauty product.

Push's acquisitionexecutives Pam Eisen and Jelena Tadic brought in the project from a detailedpitch from Halpern.

The company was announced inearly October as the sales arm of Los Angeles-based production company CapitalArts Entertainment.

Its AFM slate includesHalpern's thriller Zzyzx, RodParmenter's extreme teen sports adventure Kids Who Rip, Patricia Harrington's mutant eel horror picture SSSSlither; and Benjamin Louis' psychological drama StatesEvidence.

"Richard is exactly the typeof filmmaker we at Push want to work with - an artist with a bold andunique vision," Elliot, who produced The Devil's Rejects and served as executive producer on Happy Endings, said.

"That vision is what drew usto his feature debut, Zzyzx.Richard's new film will be just as compelling and even more entertaining."