Smashing its way past the competition with James Bond's trademark ruthless efficiency, Quantum Of Solace leapt past the $250m international and $300m global marks thanks to a further $56.1m overseas haul, according to estimates from Sony Pictures Releasing International.

In its third consecutive weekend as the number one international title, the 007 action saga charged to $251.6m from 10,460 screens in 67 territories, fired up by mighty holds everywhere and a franchise record $2.4m (30.2million pesos) launch in Mexico on 505 screens.

Combined with a record breaking $70.4m North American launch, Quantum stands at just over $322m worldwide and has already passed the lifetime totals of Casino Royale in 13 territories - France, China, South Korea, Russia, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Indonesia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Poland, Romania and the Ukraine.

The film ranked number one in 61 of its 67 territories and added $8.6m from 1,218 in its third weekend in the UK following a 41% drop for $64.1m. In second weekends it added $8.3m from 1,120 in Germany following a 37% drop for $26.4m, $4m from 1,251 in China following a 41% drop for $16.3m and $3.6m from 750 in Russia after slipping 62% for $15.4m.

Quantum added $2.9m from 793 in its third weekend in France after a 52% slip for $26.7m and in further second weekend results added $2.4m from 172 in director Marc Forster's home country of Switzerland after declining only 29% for $7m, $2.1m from 510 in South Korea after falling 39% for $7.8m and $1.8m from 491 in Italy after slipping 55% for $6.8m.

Holland generated $1.6m from 135 after a mere 30% fall for $4.3m, Brazil produced $1.4m from 404 after declining 36% for $4.3m, India generated $1.2m from 571 after tumbling 65% for $6.9m, Denmark delivered $1.1m from 120 after a 43% fall for $4.9m and Norway generated $1m from 110 after falling 49% for $4.2m.

The Mexican launch was 83% bigger than that of Casino Royale and in three days the new release has overtaken the lifetime grosses of both Tomorrow Never Dies and Goldeneye and is expected to pass The World Is Not Enough's lifetime gross by Monday [Nov 17]. Hungary produced an estimated $430,000 from 34, some 95% bigger than Casino Royale. The momentum shows little sign of letting up next weekend when Quantum of Solace touches down in Australia, Spain, South Africa and Peru.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI) High School Musical 3: Senior Year added a further $7.7m for $122.2m and is going great guns in the UK, where it grossed $1.4m for a whopping $31.9m after four weeks. It also scored the biggest launch for a musical in Turkey on $275,000.

Wall-E added $900,000 for $263.3m and still has Japan to come in December, while the Uma Thurman and Colin Firth romantic comedy The Accidental Husband opened in Germany through Disney on $1m and in Austria on $280,000, taking $1.3m from German-speaking Europe overall. Yari Film group Releasing holds North American rights and will release in the US on March 27.

DreamWorks Animation's Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa plundered a further $5.4m from 992 locations through PPI in seven territories for an early $47.5m running total. The film opened in three territories and ranked number one in Singapore on $957,000 from 65 including previews. Excluding previews of $190,000 this was the second biggest animated launch in history.

It also opened top in Malaysia on $918,000 from 65, which, excluding previews of $147,000, ranked as the second biggest animated launch as well. Elsewhere, the largest contribution came from Russia's $2.2m from 579 locations for $39.3m.

Ghost Town added $976,000 from 377 locations in New Zealand and the UK for $9m. The Ricky Gervais comedy opened at number one in New Zealand on $91,000 from 46 locations and held well in the UK on $885,000 from 331 following a 22% decline for $8.8m.

Eagle Eye grossed $1m from 1,150 locations in 55 for $72.1m and Tropic Thunder added $500,000 from 570 in 56 for $73.8m. The latter arrives in Japan next weekend.

Saw V added $5.2m from approximately 2,000 screens in 34 Mandate International territories for a $31m running total. The horror sequel opened at number one in Spain through WDSMPI on $2.9m - an all-time franchise record. WDSMPI's Saw V tally stands at $8m.

Universal's period drama Changeling launched well internationally through UPI in 727 sites in France, Italy, Belgium and French-speaking Switzerland on $4.7m. It scored an impressive number one launch in France on $2.7m from 415 and opened in third place in Italy on $1.5m from 262.

Belgium delivered third place on $242,000 from 33 while French-speaking Switzerland produced a second place launch on $140,000 from 17. Changeling will roll out across the rest of the world over the next four months and arrives in the UK on November 28.

Burn After Reading added a further $2.5m from 1,400 sites in 21 territories for an impressive $66.5m. The dark comedy ranked second in its fifth week in Australia on $468,000 from 171 for $5.5m and placed seventh in the UK after five on $385,000 from 205 for $11.9m (£7.3m).

Burn After Reading is expected to become the biggest Coen Brothers release in the UK this week when it overtakes the £7.4m lifetime total of No Country For Old Men. There are 16 territories to go including Brazil on November 28 and France and Belgium on December 10.

Mamma Mia! added $1.1m from 1,254 dates in 30 for $420.5m and stands at $129.6m (£67.8m) in the UK after 19 weeks. Italy has generated $10.7m and South Korea has produced $25.1m. The final two theatrical releases will be Ecuador on November 21 and Japan on January 30.

Fox International's action release Max Payne added $3.7m from approximately 1,500 screens in 39 markets for $30.5m. Weekend business was drive by a $1.6m launch on 373 screens in the UK that ranked third and a $1.6m launch in France from 377. Max Payne opens in eight territories next weekend including Germany, South Korea, Brazil, Austria and Argentina. The X-Files: I Want To Believe stands at $46.1m and Mirrors has amassed $36.4m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's spy thriller Body Of Lies added $3.1m from 1,025 screens in 13 markets for $21.6m. In its second weekend the film added $1.4m from 428 screens in France following a 40% drop for $5m and $1.5m from 303 in Spain after slipping 36% to rank second on $4.3m. It opens in Germany and Russia on November 20 and Italy on November 21.

Nights In Rodanthe grossed $2.1m from 1,440 screens in 41 markets for $28.3m, powered by a $621,000 number one hold from 240 screens in the second week in Australia for $1.9m. Latest figures put Germany on $5.9m, Japan on $4.2m, Spain on $3.6m, Mexico on $2m, Brazil on $1.5m and the UK on $870,000.