Three tentpole releases will vie for supremacy this weekend as the overseas arena enters the second weekend of the summer blockbuster season with a bang.

Iron Man dominated the charts with a near-$200m global launch last weekend and Marvel Studios' comic book adaptation, released through Paramount in North America and PPI in most territories, currently stands at $104.3m.

The film earned strong reviews and will continue to make solid gains despite no major debuts this weekend. It will need to be on top of its game, however, as the world awaits onslaughts from Speed Racer and What Happens In Vegas.

It remains to be seen whether the films - a trio of distinct, A-list properties aimed at different demographics - will cannibalise each other or co-exist and force the market to expand.

While Iron Man has all the action, bells and whistles that appeal to teenagers, young genre fans and couples, Warner Bros Pictures International's effects-laden Speed Racer is targeted at children.

The film is set to launch in 30 markets on more than 5,400 screens and highlights are expected to come from the UK, Germany, Mexico, South Korea and Brazil. The film will roll out in remaining territories over the next two months.

Then there is What Happens In Vegas, Fox International's romantic comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher that will lure a crowd comprised primarily of couples and young adults.

The film is poised to open on more than 3,900 prints in 37 territories including the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Spain.

Naturally the other major distributors are lying low