In a bid to promotethe long-term growth of his business interests, George Lucas announced today(Jan 28) that he will consolidate Lucasfilm, Lucas Digital, LucasArtsEntertainment and Lucas Licensing into one company. 'We have a uniquearray of talent in the areas of special effects, sound design, interactivegames, licensing, distribution and marketing. This new structure will make iteasier for our diverse talents to work as a team,' Lucas said in astatement. He added that for the past 10 years his various companies hadoperated 'relatively independently of each other' and that it wastime to reorganise. Under the outgoing structure, Lucasfilm is responsible forfilm and television production and distribution, Lucas Digital handlespost-production and houses Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound,LucasArts is the gaming division and Lucas Licensing oversees domestic andinternational merchandising for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones brands.

Lucasfilm president Gordon Radley is leaving after almosttwo decades to pursue other avenues. Both men paid warm tribute to one anotherin statements issued today. 'For more than 17 years it has been aprivilege to work with an extraordinary group of people and to help Georgecreate one of the premiere digital entertainment companies. This is the righttime for me to leave a job I've loved and pursue personal andprofessional priorities that are important to me,' Radley said.'Lucasfilm has thrived under Gordon's leadership,' Lucassaid. 'His business expertise and leadership style have grown and shapedthe company into what it is today. He will be missed by all of us.'

Lucasfilm CFO Micheline Chau has been promoted to COO of thenew unified company while Lucas will remain chairman of the board and CEO ofLucasfilm.