Pan-Asian mega star Rain (aka Jung Ji-hoon) is set to star in the Wachowski Brothers' next film Ninja Assassin which is set to shoot in Berlin this year. Joel Silver is attached as producer on the Warner Brothers film.

CEO Cho Dong-won of Rain's Korean agency J.Tune Entertainment announced the news with William Morris Agency (WMA) executive vice president John Mass as part of a strategic alliance between Rain and WMA in Seoul yesterday (Feb 13).

Rain recently worked with the Wachowskis in a supporting role on their upcoming Speed Racer, which also shot in Berlin and is set to open worldwide in May. He made his film debut last year in Park Chan-wook's Berlinale competitor I'm A Cyborg But That's Okay.

Details on the new script and role were sketchy - due to the recent writers' strike, said Rain, but the film is scheduled to shoot in Berlin from March to July. The Wachowski Brothers are likely to produce rather than direct, with V For Vendetta director James McTeigue tipped to direct.

Rain is also doing a cover of the popular 70s song 'Kungfu Fighting' for the soundtrack of the DreamWorks animation Kungfu Panda, due out in June.

Mass remarked WMA will be working strategically towards a global career for Rain, saying his advantage is that he doesn't quit, showing the best of talent whether he is singing, acting or dancing, and they would demonstrate the future of Asian stars' success in the US with Rain.

The star is also planning album-related activities timed to the Beijing Olympics in August, with a new album to be launched in Korea this autumn.

After parting ways with music producer and manager Park Jin-young who discovered the prodigy, Rain became majority shareholder in J.Tune where he is also preparing to debut two new groups in the near future.