The producer of City Of God and Central Station is teaming up with a group of Latin American and European producers to launch a sales company.

Talking at the Screen International European film finance summit in Berlin, Donald K Ranvaud said he wanted to reduce costs and improve the management of money in the film financing process.

He explained that the producers would either team up with an existing sales company or attend four or five markets a year between them, handling each other's films.

Ranvaud, who did not reveal any more details such as the name of the company or his potential partners, said he was presently talking with existing sales agents about partnering on the launch of the new company.

"I'm not against sales agents," he explained. "I want to support the good ones. We need some kind of feedback forum, grading people and their systems.

"As a producer, I've often financed projects through sales agents. But the money to actually make the films often comes at the last moment.

"Some sales agents stay in expensive hotels, go to markets and make their money just by getting up in the morning, opening a booth and expensing more than one producer. Some companies even go bankrupt on purpose so as not to pay people."