Celluloid Dreams has announced 15 territory sales on Oskar Roehler's Competition titleThe Elementary Particles, tocompanies including France'sTFM, Momentum in the UK,Canada's Sevilleand Lucky Red in Italy.

Particles was not pre-sold: 'We wanted to seewho actually liked the film after Michel Houllebecq'scontroversial novel,' said Celluloid head Hengameh Panahi. 'But we've had multiple bidders in every country,closing most major territories in 24 hours.' Other territories concludedinclude Benelux (ABC), Spain(Golem), Scandinavia (Non Stop Entertainment), Korea(Sponge), Taiwan(Pandasia), Switzerland(Rialto) Portugal(Atalanta), Greece(Audiovisual) Israel(United King), Brazil(Providence) and all of Eastern Europe.

Celluloid has also reported strong sales on recent pick-up Quincineara, winner of the Jury and the AudienceAward at Sundance, with Memento coming on board for France, Goldemtaking Spainand Theadora snapping up Italy.

Other deals confirmed are for Belgium(Cineart), Scandinavia(Non-Stop Entertainment), South Korea(Sponge), Taiwan(Pandasia), Singapore(Festive Fims), Austria(Polyfilm), Israel(United King) and Switzerland(Filmcoopi). Canadaand the UK arein negotiations.