TheIncredibles began itsinternational roll-out through Buena Vista International (BVI) with a $5.8mweekend haul that featured number one debuts in all its markets and a raft ofrecords to boot.

The latest Pixar title, which is already within spittingdistance of $150m in the US after its second weekend, scored the biggest everopening for an animated title in Taiwan with $1.3m on 21 screens.

It opened on thesame amount in Sweden on 173 screens for the second biggest ever CGI openingbehind Pixar stablemate Finding Nemo.

Playing on asingle theatre in Paris - the Grand Rex Theatre - The Incredibles grossed an astonishing $323,000, roughlyequal to what Finding Nemo did in the same theatre despite fewer screenings.

TheIncredibles grossed$870,000 on 62 in Denmark for the biggest Pixar debut ever, while Norwayproduced $675,000 on 100 and 60% market share.

It opened on$495,000 on 52 in the Philippines for the biggest ever animated debut and on$311,000 on 58 in Finland for the second biggest ever CGI debut behind FindingNemo.