Dutch producer Pieter JanBrugge's debut The Clearing,starring festival founder Robert Redford, Helen Mirren and Willem Dafoe, hasbeen added to the list of Sundance Film Festival premieres and is among adocumentary-heavy slate of 16 additional titles that will screen from Jan15-25, 2004.

Brugge's producingcredits include The Insider and ThePelican Brief and his directorialdebut, which is classed as a work in progress, sees Redford play a businessman kidnappedby a former employee. It is the first film featuring Redford that has appeared at his festival.

Other new arrivals includean American Spectrum screening of The Control Room, Jehane Noujaim's documentary about mediacoverage of the Iraq war, and Alex Cox's Repo Man and Melvin Van Peebles' Sweet Sweetback'sBaadasssss Song, two cult titlesfrom the Sundance Collection.

Twelve special screeningsinclude the world premieres of Citizen King, Orlando Bagwell and Noland Walker'sdocumentary about Martin Luther King, and The Meaning Of The Buffalo, Karin Slater's examination of the SouthAfrican Balete tribe and its totemistic worship of the buffalo.

"These films areimportant additions to our previously announced programme," festivaldirector Geoffrey Gilmore said in a statement. "The 12 special screenings,nine of which are documentaries, significantly expand the range of subjects weare presenting at the festival and we also are very happy to include an additionalpremiere and the final film in American Spectrum."



The Clearing (US) Dir: Pieter Jan Brugge
After achieving the Americandream and building a comfortable life for his family, a businessman'ssecurity is shattered when an aggressive stranger from the past takes himhostage. Screening as a work in progress.


The Control Room Dir: Jehane Noujaim
A rare insight into theinternational perception of the Iraq War, courtesy of Arabic news outlet AlJezeera. Before making this documentary, Noujaim teamed up with Chris Hegedus to direct StartUp.com, which was acquired at Sundance 2001 by Artisan.


Repo Man (US) Dir: Alex Cox
Cult classic from 1984features Otto, a punk rocker-turned repossession expert, in search of amysterious Malibu carrying a strange cargo.

Sweet Sweetback'sBaadasssss Song (US) Dir: Melvin VanPeebles
Classic 1971 blaxploitationfilm focuses on the problem of police brutality and the undermining of theAfrican-American people' without forgetting how to entertain.

Citizen King (USA) Dirs: Orlando Bagwell and Noland Walker
Powerful insight into thelife of the celebrated Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, weaving togetherarchival footage, personal recollections, and eyewitness accounts.


Dogville (Denmark) Dir: Lars von Trier
A woman on the run from themob seeks refuge in a small town and learns that the townspeople's helpcomes at a price.

The Five Obstructions (Denmark) Dirs: Jorgen Leth and Lars von Trier
Leth recreates his 1967short film The Perfect Human five times under strict film-making conditionsimposed by van Trier.

Home (South Africa) Dir: Omelga Mthiyane
Documents the plight of awoman's return to the home she was forced to abandon during SouthAfrica's Apartheid years.

The Hunting Of ThePresident (US) Dirs: Harry Thomasonand Nick Perry
Documentary based on thebest-selling book by Gene Lyons and Joe Conason exploring the origins of thecampaign to unravel Bill Clinton's political legacy.

In The Company Of Women (US) Dirs: Lesli Klainberg & Gini Reticker
Explores the attitudes,concerns and perspective of women in front of and behind the camera throughinterviews and their portrayal on film.

Los Angeles Plays Itself (US) Dir: Thom Andersen
Documentary about how thecinematic representation of Los Angeles plays upon the way audiences readfilms.

The Meaning Of TheBuffalo (South Africa) Dir: KarinSlater
Wildlife film-maker Slatertrains her sights on the meaning of the buffalo in the eyes of the SouthAfrican Balete tribe.

Proteus (US) Dir: David Lebrun
Documentary explores thenineteenth century's obsession with the undersea world and itsmanifestation through science, art and myth.

Triggerstreet.Com (US) Prods: Kevin Spacey, Dana Brunetti, and RossPartridge
Spacey's TriggerStreet.comProject highlights shorts from directors whose work has been selected by anonline community of more than 100,000 film-makers, screenwriters and enthusiasts.

Until The Violence Stops (US) Dir: Abby Epstein
Documentary follows theglobal impact of V-Day, a 2002 initiative to end violence against women.

The Yes Men (US) Dirs: Chris Smith, Dan Ollman and Sarah Price
A group of Americanactivists/pranksters pose as representatives of the World Trade Organisationand accept speaking engagements on its behalf.