US producer Regent Entertainment (Gods And Monsters) and German production outfit A.C.H. GmbH Production have been lined up as two of the co-production partners for the new Munich-based "blind pool" film fund: Christopher Filmcapital.

Structured as five separate tranches, raising up to Euros 30m each, Christopher Filmcapital has been launched by media lawyer Sylvia Gasper and aims to finance the production of up to nine English-language TV movies or feature films.

Potential investors will be invited to put up a minimum of Euros 15,000, with the fund providing between 40% and 100% of each project's financing. In the case of 100% financing, Christopher Filmcapital has specified that it will require pre-sales to cover at least 40% of the film's budget.

The projects backed by Christopher Filmcapital will be selected by a four-person committee comprising Gasper, media consultant Bertram Vetter, marketing supremo Gerd Kolloch (former Director Marketing & Publicity, Warner Bros. Germany) and financial products specialist Kurt Kiefer.