Reiko Bradley has resurfaced following a near fatal stroke three years ago and arrives at AFM with her new LA-based international sales and distribution company Eclipse International.

Bradley and president Stephen Durham are launching four titles here: the sci-fi action film New World Order, family comedy The Dogfather, paranormal erotic thriller Ghostly Lovers, and thriller Trapped.

“It was a very scary and debilitating experience and I am still recovering from it all,” Bradley said of the catastrophic brain hemorrhage that nearly took her life in October 2006.  “But I was determined to come back and thanks to the support of some pretty incredible friends and physical therapists, I have been able to recover enough to do something I have always wanted to do - launch my own sales company.” 

Rajeev Dassani is directing New World Order, about the survivor of a terrorist attack who travels back in time to stop the event taking place at a peace summit in 2012.

Richard Boddington’s The Dogfather is in post-production and tells of an unsuspecting family that adopts an errant mafia dog. Chris Parnell and Brandi Ward star.

Ghostly Lovers centres on a young Hollywood couple whose new Hollywood Hills home contains the spirits of its former occupants, while Trapped is about strangers stranded in an elevator after an earthquake. Both are in pre-production.