Approaching theend of its international run, Warner Bros Pictures International's TheMatrix Reloaded grossedan estimated $3.1m over the weekend with 547,284 admissions from 1,645 screens.

The sci-fi sequel's estimated international total todate is a stellar $437.8m.

Second weekendfinal figures from China will not be available until Tuesday (Jul 29).

Elsewhere WhatA Girl Wants grossed$617,856 with 116,600 admissions from 479 screens. Its estimated running totalis $7.8m.

Opening inFrance the comedy-drama took $176,000 and 26,490 admissions from 110 screensnationwide.

In South Africa it opened second on $131,481 from 31prints, while Holland produced $134,327 from 40 and Puerto Rico grossed $65,071from 25.

The distributoralso rolled out comedy A Mighty Wind in Australia, where it grossed an estimated $86,000 from 30prints.