US distributorRoadside Attractions is urging delegates at the upcoming Republican NationalConvention in New York to attend a screening of Jim de Seve's gay marriagedocumentary Tying The Knot.

The timely release - gay marriage is a major campaignissue in the Presidential Election and has sparked a flurry of legislation atfederal and state level - mixes two personal stories with a broader, nationwideanalysis of the attitude to marriage and a brief history of the institution.

RoadsideAttractions will release the picture in the US on Oct 1 and has arranged ascreening at Magno in New York on Aug 31.

"We inviteconvention delegates to the free screening of Tying The Knot in the spirit of hospitality, as hasbeen encouraged by NYC host committee spokesperson Ed Koch, and in the spiritof open debate," Roadside Attractions president Howard Cohen said in astatement.

"Marriage equality is perhaps this season's most divisiveissue, and we passionately believe that Tying The Knot is a must-see if you think you know where you stand;even more so if you don't."