UPDATE: The preceding fourth episode scored a whopping $236m internationally and the latest entry has got off to a great start, grossing an estimated $49.6m through Sony Pictures Releasing International.

Resident Evil: Retribution swept into 65 markets and played on 6,149 screens, opening at number one in around 30 territories. Japan led the way and rewarded the sci-fi horror with a sensational $8.7m debut on 775 screens that produced the biggest Hollywood launch of the year-to-date and the second biggest behind Umizaru 4.

The film generated $8m in Russia from 1,150 and $2.2m in Taiwan on 226 for the second biggest five-day launch of the year do far behind The Avengers and the fourth in history behind Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 and Spider-Man 2.

Retribution came to Brazil to the tune of $3.2m on 397 and inspired a superb set of results from the Asia-Pacific region: $2.2m in Malaysia on 189 for the industry’s eighth biggest debut of all time, $1.7m in Thailand on 270, $1.6m in the Philippines on 212, $1.5m in Australia on 341, $1.5m in Hong Kong on 64 and $1.2m in Singapore on 71. The film scored the biggest launch in the franchise in all but one of its Asian markets.

Colombia produced $1.1m on 217, Venezuela $1m on 95 and Peru $767,421 on 138. All results in Latin America were ahead of previous episode, Resident Evil: Afterlife. Overall the film grossed $3.1m over the weekend from IMAX screens, rising to $6.1m worldwide with the $3m North American haul.

Total Recall added $3.9m from 2,932 screens to reach $114.1m and the sci-fi thriller remake opened in Spain in second place on $1.2m from 423. The UK has produced $7.7m after three weekends, Australia $6.1m after four and Germany $5.2m after four.

  • UPDATE: Ted crossed $400m worldwide through Universal and has reached $189.4m through Universal Pictures International thanks to an $8.5m weekend haul from 2,593 venues in 42 territories. On Monday it is expected to become the biggest R-rated original comedy release at the international box office.

The Bourne Legacy added $8.9m from 4,038 sites in 52 for $90.9m and is on course to pass the $92.4m lifetime total of The Bourne Identity on Tuesday.

ParaNorman stands at $25.1m, Savages has grossed $6.5m, Anna Karenina added $1.3m in the second weekend in the UK for $4.4m there and What To Expect When You’re Expecting has amassed $10.5m from Universal territories. Safe House has grossed $3.4m in Japan after two weekends and stands at $80.8m internationally. Moonrise Kingdom stands at $4.8m and The Expendables 2 has amassed $24.5m from Italy and Russia in five weekends. Russia has proeuced $17.7m and Italy’s tally is $6.8m.

  • UPDATE: DreamWorks Animation’s Madagascar 3 crossed $400m through Paramount Pictures International as the film brought in a further $7.4m from 2,227 locations playing in 34 countries reported to reach $405.5m. It opened in Australia on $4.4m from 265. The Dictator stands at $117.9m and Tadeo Jones $11.7m from three weekends at the top in Spain.
  • UPDATE: Fox International’s Prometheus added $8.3m from 2,675 in five powered by a solid $2.6m number one launch in Italy on 550. Overall the film has amassed $264.3m. China delivered $4.6m on 1,500 for $28.5m after three weekends. Ice Age 4 stands at $682.1m, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter $64.8m and The Watch $19.1m after debuting in second place in Australia on $1.8m on 225.
  • UPDATE: The Dark Knight Rises ruled the roost for the last seven weekends but the sun sets on all empires and it added $7.3m through Warner Bros Pictures International as the running total climbed to $617m. The Batman finale stands at $17.1m in Italy after three sessions and has amassed $48m in China after several sessions. The UK has generated $87.2m.
  • UPDATE: Lionsgate International reported that Hope Springs added $2.6m over the weekend to reach an early $11.9m. The drama has generated $4.3m in Australia, $3.1m in Brazil and $1.2m in the UK. Step Up Revolution stands at $87.4m including Universal markets.