Launceston-based Margaret Reynolds, currently president of the United Nations Association of Australia and a former Federal Minister, is to head up the new board of Screen Tasmania.

The other board members include producer Rosemary Blight, author and director Richard Flanagan, lawyer and executive producer Bryce Menzies, writer-director Roger Scholes, ABC TV Hobart executive producer Varcha Sidwell and film-maker and multi-media creator Steve Thomas. The consultant to the board is Chris Fitchett.

"The board will provide strong leadership and policy as we turn our focus to production in Tasmania," said Screen Tasmania director John Nicoll. It combines the operations of the former Screen Tasmania Advisory Board and the Screen Tasmania Advisory Council and will meet six times each year.

Screen Tasmania opened its offices in November 1999 and intends to build the film, television and multimedia industries in Tasmania. The state government has allocated $750,000 per annum towards industry assistance, mainly through loans and investments.