Rezo Films is launching sales on its new documentary The Game Of Death from directors Thomas Bornot, Alain-Michel Blanc and Gilles Amado.

The film-makers updated a series of 1960s electric shock experiments carried out by Yale professor Stanley Milgram to study authority and obedience, by turning it into a quiz show.

Rezo also has horror title Prey (Proie), a genre film in which the hunters become the hunted. From director Antoine Blossier, it stars Gregoire Colin, Francois Levantal and Berenice Bejo. Rezo has an extended promo of the film here.

Also on its slate it Jezz Zinn’s English-langugae drama Magic Valley, produced byFrozen River’s Heather Rae and starring Kyle Gallner, Matthew Gubler, Alison Elliot and Scott Glenn; Pascal Thomas’s Very Very Beautiful Love Story to its slate, which will have its world premiere in Berlin.

It also has Directors Fortnight sensation Xavier Dolan’s Love, Imagined, a tragicomic look at people in love. It will be ready for Cannes.