Cannes Grand Jury winner OldBoy, the thriller by director Park Chan-Wook, is one of five films pickedup for distribution in Australian and New Zealand by Rialto Entertainment.

The distributor is likely to release Old Boy this year but hold the controversial The Woodsman, the debut feature by director Nicole Kassell starringKevin Bacon, until early next year.

Two comedies have also found their way onto Rialto'sschedule as a result of Cannes, including the British comedy School For Seduction, which has KellyBrook, Neil Stuke and BAFTA-winning Margi Clarke leading its cast. It will bereleased next year.

Seducing Doctor Lewishas been a big hit in its native French Canada, was the recipient of 11 Genienominations, and won an audience award at Sundance. It too is a debut, thistime from Jean-Francois Pouliot. It follows the frantic efforts made in animpoverished Quebec fishing village to attract a big-city doctor.

Rialto has also acquired ControlRoom, the Al Jazeera documentary about the war in Iraq, which broke allrecords when it opened at the Film Forum in New York and will be released in Australia in a month.