Richard Crudo,whose credits include American Pie and Down To Earth, has been elected president of the American Society ofCinematographers (ASC). Crudo is among the vanguard of a younger generation ofcinematographers and said his election was 'humbling', adding thathe was committed to the ASC's mission to 'inspire and recogniseinnovation and artistic excellence'. He added that in the coming weeksthe body will unveil initiatives for outreach programmes to other sectors ofthe industry, schools and the general public.

'It's ahumbling and awesome responsibility to be chosen by my peers for thisrole,' Crudo said in a prepared statement. 'The ASC was founded forthe purpose of advancing an infant art form. Our predecessors were advocatesfor progress and frequently they served as guardians at the gate... protectingthe integrity of the art form from crass commercial interests. We are determinedto be true to that heritage.'

In the remainingelection results, John Bailey, Laszlo Kovacs and Owen Roizman are named vicepresidents, Robert Primes is treasurer, Curtis Clark is secretary and theposition of sergeant-at-arms goes to John Hora. Other members of the ASC boardof directors include Stephen Burum, Russell Carpenter, George Spiro Dibie,William Fraker, Victor J Kemper, 'Woody' Omens, Steven Poster,Haskell Wexler and Vilmos Zsigmond. Alternate members of the board includeRobbie Greenberg, Francis Kenny, Stephen Lighthill, Donald M Morgan and DanteSpinotti.

Crudo was bornand raised in New York City and graduated with a master's degree in thefilm arts program at Columbia University. Initially he worked on independentfeatures, documentaries, industrial films and news magazine crews, including 60Minutes and 20/20. During the early 1980s he interned withGordon Willis, the cinematographer on Broadway Danny Rose, The Purple Roseof Cairo and TheMoney Pit. After collaboratingwith Michael Corrente on the black-and-white independent feature FederalHill, he reteamed withCorrente on the film of American Buffalo. Since then he has been the cinematographer on AmericanPie, Music From Another Room, Outside Providence, Bongwater and the upcoming The Grind, among others.