Richard Propper, the founder and chief of documentary licensingfirm Solid Entertainment, has been elected president of the InternationalDocumentary Association (IDA).

Propper will be formally introduced as the IDA's president at the22nd annual celebration of Academy Award documentary nominees in Los Angeles onWednesday.

"The IDA was visualised as a place where non-fiction film-makerscould meet and share ideas, find support and advocate common issues,"Propper said in a statement. "We hope to continue to increase ourmembership base, so we can speak with a louder voice.

Propper founded Solid in 1996, the same year he joined the IDA,which he has served on the board of directors as treasurer. After graduatingfrom the film department at the California State University in Long Beach hebegan working for IDA co-founder Alan Landsburg in post production and asassociate producer.

"IDA will continue in its important role of fostering a freeand open dialogue between documentary film-makers around the world," headded. "We will continue to recognise and inspire outstanding work, and wewill serve as outspoken advocates for our members and their art form.

"One of our goals will be to use the internet to provide even moreeffective resources that help non-fiction film-makers make the connections andget the information they need anytime and anywhere in the world. "

In addition to Propper, the new IDA executive board comprisesDiane Estelle Vicari (first vice president), Lynne Littman (second vicepresident), Nancy Willen (first secretary), Barbara L Gregson (second secretary),Kathryn F Galan (chief financial officer/treasurer) and Sandra J Ruch(executive director).

Serving on theIDA board of directors is Sven Berkemeier, St Clair Bourne, Douglas Chang,Candace E Chatman, Michael C Donaldson, Marina Goldovskaya, Mark Johnstone,Michael King, Michael Rose, Mary C Schaffer, Jeff H Swimmer and Brian Wakil.