DreamWorks International'shorror sequel The Ring 2 added anestimated $14.8m through UIP in 4,245 sites in 46 territories at the weekend,raising the international running total to $55m.

The picture opened top inItaly on $1.9m and approximately 30% market share, a remarkable result giventhat theatres were closed on Friday for the Pope's funeral. In another keyopening Russia produced $1.4m.

Holdovers saw The Ring 2 add $2m in 422 theatres in the UK for second placeand $7.8m, $1.7m in 441 sites in Germany for second place and $5.2m, $1.1m in403 in France for $3.5m, and $1.7m in 358 in Spain for $5.2m.

Mexico added $375,000 in 356for $7.3m and slipped from top spot to second for the first time in itsfour-week run. It's the second highest market so far for The Ring 2 after the UK.

Paramount's adventure Sahara opened day-and-date with the US in the UK andAustralia, taking $3.7m in 583 sites overall.

It opened top in the UK -despite the Pope's funeral and the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla onSaturday - on $2.6m including previews in 400 theatres. Australia yieldedsecond place on $1.1m in 183 sites.

Fox International's Robots added $9.8m on approximately 6,200 internationalscreens over the weekend for an $83.2m international cumulative total.

Highlights were a numberthree $1.9m opening in France on 737 screens and a number one New Zealand debuton $307,000 on 70 screens.

Elsewhere the picture added$981,000 on 367 in its third weekend in Australia for $6.5m, $938,000 on 834 inits fourth weekend in Germany for $8.3m, and $401,000 on 291 in its thirdweekend in Italy for $3m. In its fourth weekend the picture aded $1.6m on 487 in the UK for $20m.

Be Cool took $5.7m on 1,929 international screens at the weekend, boosting its running total to $20.3m. Opening highlights were a number one debut in Mexicoon $556,000 on 223, third place in Spain on $1.1m on 300, an unconfirmed finish in Russia on $430,000 on 85, and number one in South Africa on $120,000 on 45. South Korea produced $107,000 on 50 for an unconfirmed ranking.

In holdover business, the UK added $1.5m on 336 in its third weekend for fifth place and $5.2m.

Thriller Hide And Seek grossed $2.3m on 848 for $55m. The highlight was a third place opening in Germany on $1.3m on 305. In its first major international foray, the comedy Guess Who opened fourth in Australia on $752,000 on 220, and has grossed $797,000 to date.

Sony Pictures Releasing's(SPRI) romantic comedy Hitchgrossed $7.6m on 3,880 screens in 56 markets for a $160.6 cumulative total.

The picture opened top inThailand on $420,000 on 52, and second in Argentina on $140,000 on 45.

Germany added $1.2m on 719screens for fourth place and $31.5m after six weekends, the UK added $1.5m on482 for sixth place and $29.9m after the same amount of time.

In two other sixth weekends,Australia raised its running total by $355,000 on 204 to $10.5m and seventhplace, while Spain added $400,000 on 220 for seventh place and an $8.6minternational running total.

Warner Bros PicturesInternational's Miss Congeniality 2: Armed And Fabulousgrossed $4.9m from 2,676 screens in 31 territories for $32.4m. The comedy sequel opened first, second and third in Israel, New Zealand and Hong Kong, drawing $77,300 on 26, $186,500 on 51, and $157,800 on 27 respectively.

The picture ranked second in Brazil in its second weekend, adding $352,800 on 130 for $986,900. Meanwhile supernatural thriller Constantine grossed $2.8m on 1,799 screens for $122.9m.

Latest internatioonal running totals issued by executives put A Very Long Engagement on $62m, The Aviator on $18.7m through Warner Bros markets only, Polar Express on $120.2m, and Ocean's Twelve on $236.9m.

Buena Vista International's(BVI) The Pacifier added $4.2m atthe weekend for an $8.1m international running total.

The family picture openedtop in Spain on $1.8m on 302 screens and top in Belgium on $590,000.

It remained top in its thirdweekend in Australia on $1.1m for $3.4m, climbing 57% after expanding by 100into 253 screens.

National Treasure grossed $1.5m for $168m; has taken $104m thiscalendar year alone. Pooh's Heffalump Movie added $1.5m for $20.4m.

Local language co-productionBarfuss climbed to number one inGermany for BVI in its second weekend, adding $1.2m for $3.1m.

Universal's thriller TheInterpreter got its first releaseanywhere in the world this weekend in Greece through UIP, opening number one on$500,000 in 42.

This was the third biggestdebut of the year in Greece behind BVI's National Treasure and DreamWorks International's Meet the Fockers through UIP, and Universal's fourth biggest openingweekend ever in the market.

Ray added $400,000 for $44m, and Assault On Precinct13 currently stands at $3.6m.