With no majormarket debuts scheduled this weekend for either Fox International's Robots or Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational's (SPRI)'s Hitch, the time looks right for The Ring Two.

DreamWorksInternational's horror sequel gets its biggest splash to date with openingsthrough UIP scheduled for France on Mar 30, Germany on Mar 31, the UK and Spainon Apr 1, and Taiwan on Apr 2.

The picture hasamassed $15.9m through UIP so far, and is expected to perform well this weekendbearing in mind that The Ring opened top in the UK on $3.5m in 396 theatres in February 2003,and second in Spain behind The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers on $2.3m in 260 in January 2003,climbing to number one in its second weekend.

The Ring opened fourth in Germany on just over$2m on 346 in February 2003, and fifth in France on $1.4m in 374 theatresaround the same time.

UIP was also setto open Focus Features' Assault On Precinct 13 in Australia on Mar 31, followed byMexico a day later.

FoxInternational's Robots,currently on a $54m international cumulative total after grossing approximatelyone-third of that amount over the Easter weekend, goes out in Taiwan on Apr 2on 119 prints and should continue to perform strongly in its active markets.

The caper sequelBe Cool opens inGermany on Mar 31on 325 prints and the UK on Apr 1 on 350. It stands at $6.6min the early stages of its run.

The comedy Taxi opens in China on Apr 1 on 121 printsand has grossed $29.2m to date, while Kinsey goes out in Mexico on Apr 1 on 60 printsand has taken $2.6m to date through all distributors.

FoxInternational's thriller Hide And Seek is on $51m, and comedies Melinda And Melinda and Sideways have reached $11m and $32m respectively.

Warner BrosPictures International opens comedy sequel Miss Congeniality 2 opens in Brazil and South Korea on Apr1. The picture has grossed $14.4m from the early stages of its internationalrun.

The distributoropens Constantine inRussia on Apr 1 and has already racked up an impressive $110.7m on thesupernatural thriller.

Latestinternational running totals released by executives put Alexander on $33.8m and The Aviator on $18.2m - both sets of figures arecollated from Warner Bros markets only.

Ocean'sTwelve stands at$236.6m, The Polar Express is on $119.7m (including $10m from IMAX screens), and A VeryLong Engagement standsat $60.4m.

Buena VistaInternational (BVI) opens Pooh's Heffalump Movie in Germany on Mar 31 and the familytitle has grossed $14.4m.

Disney'sadventure National Treasure is winding down and has amassed $160.7m, while family title ThePacifier currentlystands at $2.1m.

SPRI's Hitch stands at $127.1m and should produceanother decent weekend to push its cumulative total towards the $150m mark.

Latest runningtotals put relationship drama Closer on $75.8m, comedy

Are We ThereYet on $11.4m, and theserial killer thriller Suspect Zero on $2.3m.

New Line International'smystery Birth arrives in Mexicoon Apr 1 through Gussi; it has to date amassed $14.2m. Son Of The Mask opens in Italy on Apr 1 through Medusa Films andcurrently stands at $13.6m.

Cellular has grossed $23.5m, The Notebook is on $33.7m, Blade 3 is on more than $69m, and After TheSunset is on $35.1m.