Fox International's capersequel Be Cool has a raft ofmajor market releases this weekend, with debuts scheduled for Russia on Apr 7on 85 prints, followed a day later by Spain, Mexico and South Korea on 300, 220and 50 respectively.

The picture is in the earlystages of its release and has grossed $13.4m to date, however will struggle toovercome the enduring might of DreamWorks International's The Ring 2, which was the clear international box officechampion last weekend.

Fox International was set toroll out Blue Sky/Fox's animated family title Robots in France on Apr 6 on 800 prints.

The picture has taken $71.1mfrom its international run so far and should prosper in France, consideringthat Ice Age opened in 2002 andwent on to gross approximately $15m in the market. Robots still has upcoming openings in Japan, South Koreaand China.

The adventure Flight OfThe Phoenix, currently on $7.4m,goes out in Japan on Apr 7 on 100, while the comedy remake Guess Who gets its first major international market debut whenit opens in Australia on Apr 7 on 222.

The thriller Hide AndSeek stands at $52.5m and opens inGermany on Apr 7 on 310. It has taken $102.8m worldwide to date and executiveswill be looking for a decent debut.

Paramount's true-life drama CoachCarter gets a major push thisweekend when it opens through UIP in Germany and The Netherlands on Apr 7,followed by Mexico and Spain on Apr 8. The international cumulative totalstands at $2.9m.

DreamWorks International's TheRing 2 is expected to keep up thesolid results with openings in Russia on Apr 7 and Italy Apr 8 and has grossed$39.5m to date. Other UIP releases include Paramount's adventure Sahara in the UK on Apr 8, day-and-date with North America,and Universal's mystery White Noise,which opens in South Korea and Sweden on Apr 8 and has grossed $9.3m to date.

Buena Vista International(BVI) expands The Pacifiernationwide in Australia on Apr 7, followed by an opening in Spain a day later.The family picture stands at $4m-plus.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI) will look to continued decent holdovers for Hitch, which passed $150m this week and stands on $153m.The romantic comedy opens in Thailand on Apr 6 and Argentina a day later. AreWe There Yet is on $12.7m and Closer is on $76.2m.

Warner Bros PicturesInternational has no major openings scheduled for the weekend. Latestcumulative totals issued by executives put Constantine on $118.7m, Miss Congeniality 2 on $25.9m, and The Aviator on $18.5m and Alexander on $33.8m - both through Warner Bros markets only.

Ocean's Twelve is on $236.7m, A Very Long Engagement is on $61.4m, The Polar Express is on $119.8m, including $10.1m through IMAXscreens,

New Line International's Blade3 stands at $70.8m, After TheSunset is on $22.8m, Birth is on $14.6m, Cellular is on $23.6m, The Notebook is on $33.9m, and Son Of The Mask is on $15.5m.