Rights holders to EyeSteelFilm and the National Film Board Of Canada's RiP! A Remix Manifesto have signed a multi-platform distribution deal ahead of the picture's US premiere on March 15 at the South By SouthWest Film Festival.

B-Side Entertainment will handle the US theatrical release while Disinformation will release on DVD. The picture will be streamed via www.opensourcecinema.org and www.nfb.ca with the option of viewing or remixing.

Kinosmith will handle the theatrical and DVD release in Canada in association with broadcasters Documentary Channel and Canal D in Canada. International broadcasters on this project include YLE in Finland, SBS in Australia, TV3 Catalunya in Spain and Yes-DBS Satellite Service (1998) in Israel.

RiP! A Remix Manifesto, directed by web activist Brett Gaylor, explores the issues of issues of copyright and fair use in the information age. The picture looks at the history of copyright laws right up to their application to the digital age. Funding on the project also came from SODEC, the Rogers Documentary Fund, and the Conseil Des Arts Et Des Lettres Du Quebec.

'This film, and the way we are distributing it, is about important issues that affect arts and culture worldwide,' National Film Board Of Canada Commissioner Tom Perlmutter said. 'At the NFB we see documentary film as a platform to break through all types of issues. We want RiP! to foster growth and discussion for all artists and creators across the digital universe and are quite enthusiastic to make RiP! the most accessible film ever.'